• d.j.v. beautenizer Volume Lash Japanese Best Mascara

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      Lash Coating Plumper
      Marvelously Volumizes, Separates & Conditions

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    Lash Coating Plumper
    Marvelously Volumizes, Separates & Conditions

    Four unique qualities:
    – Marvelously volumized lashes with double the adhesive ingredients
    – Smudge proof all day
    – Easy removal with warm water
    – Conditioning oils for healthier and more resilient lashes

    Volume Lash is a lash coating plumper which seamlessly coats each lash with the thick, 3D film-coating formula. Features finer, uniformly sized particles that contain 2.4 times* the ingredients strengthening the adhesion to lashes for seamless volume with one stroke (*in-house comparison).
    This quick-dry, budge-proof formula is also fragrance-free and leaves your eyes irritation-free.

    The unique volume sculpting brush holds a large amount of formula between bristles, which comb through each and every lash for effortless volume and separation.

    For Healthy & Resilient Lashes: Trio of Conditioning Oils
    Volume Lash formula contains three conditioning oils to naturally protect and nourish beautiful and healthy lashes. Panthenol, a vitamin B5 derivative for moredefinition, natural silk extract, a silk protein derivative for more resilience, and natural botanical extracts, a moisturizing ingredient to provide nourishment for more lustrous lashes.

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