• Telomere DNA Cream

    • $109.00

      Intensive Repair: a complete hydrating experience aimed at the 45+ age group. Our award winning cream, containing Teprenone and Hyaluronic Acid restores the overall appearance of the skin. Teprenone helps to extend the lifespan of aging cells, inhibits cross linking and restores barrier function leaving the skin restored and improved while hyaluronic acid provides intensive hydration reducing the appearance of fine lines. Together they create a fresher more youthful appearance.

    Almost everything in our bodies is made up of cells. As you age the cells of your skin age. You are more prone to develop wrinkles, age spots and more.Throughout the process of life, cells are constantly dividing and as they divide the telomeres get shorter. The telomeres determine the life span of the cell. In embryonic stem cells the telomere remains long and the cell can divide many times. In the adult, the telomere shortens limiting the number of times the cell can divide and of course its life span. It is recommended that this serum/cream be used at night to restore and replenish. Apply Eve Taylor serum #5 to a clean skin and then complete the regime by applying Telomere DNA.

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