We offer a wide array of waxing services specializing in both men and women. All our services are performed only by the most highly trained, licensed estheticians in Monterey County.

Our main waxing services are: Body Waxing, Authentic Brazilian Wax, Bikini Wax, Eyebrows & Eyebrow Shaping.

Brow wax$30
Brow Sculpting$35
Lip wax$25
Chin wax$30
Cheek wax$30
Sideburn wax$20
Nose wax$25
Ear Wax$25
Face wax (no brow wax)$70
Underarms Wax$40
Forearms Wax$50
Full Arms Wax$80
Bikini Wax$50-$100
Brazilian Wax$100-$150
Lower Leg Wax$80-$120
Upper Leg Wax$80-$120
Full Leg Wax$130-$170
Back Wax$70-$100
Chest Wax$70-$100
Abdomen Wax$70-$100

Before You Schedule: You must have 1/4″ of hair growth for optimum results. It is also recommended that you schedule your waxing appointment at least 3-4 days prior to a special event. Retin A, Accutane, and antibiotics, as well as some intensive skin creams and treatments cause thinning of the skin. Retin A users must wait 6 weeks after their last application before waxing. Accutane users must wait 6 months after their last dose before waxing.